The Online E-Bike Phenomenon

Electric bicycles, and their popularity, have been pedaling at breakneck pace toward smashing mainstream markets - especially as of late.  However, the e-bike companies making the big waves are not putting their e-bikes into larger department stores.  Instead, these companies, (Biktrix included), are taking the internet by storm with their online business models, and achieving great success.  

“Neat.  So why should this matter?  How does this help me by enjoying my e-bike further?”  

It matters, because the business model of working an online shop opens the doors for both the business, as well as the consumer, in making sure both parties are happy and thriving.


Switching to online is a fantastic move for e-bike companies, as the internet provides a far greater chance of people seeing their product.  According to Internet World Stats, (, at the end of December 2017, 4.1 billion people out of the approximately 7.6 billion living people today, have regular access to the internet.  That is roughly 54% of the world’s population being connected to one another, thousands of miles away.  This opens up many opportunities for companies to be seen, as well as sell to different customers in different countries who may need an e-bike for unique reasons.  

Biktrix actually has been selling bikes to people in the United States, as well as some people overseas, in Iceland!  That kind of reach, and connection, simply cannot be had by a simple department store or locally owned store that only can a reach limited only to the community around them.


Another reason why e-bikes are moving online is that businesses want to be more directly involved with helping their customers.  Customers can be able to email and speak with company executives and CEO’s directly, so the customer can more directly communicate what they want out of the product they want to buy.

Companies like Biktrix are flexible, and use their online presence so that you get meetings with the higher-ups more directly! You get THIS kind of connection, without waiting through assistants, managers, approval of supervisors, etc. (Photo Credit:

The CEO’s and the customer benefit from this.  The CEO’s get to hear the customer’s demand more efficiently so they can make a better product, and the customer can directly speak with the supplier, and request modifications, ask for recommendations from a more professional source.  I remember getting my first bike at a large general store like Walmart that had bicycles sold as is on bike racks, with people not knowing much about the product ringing it through.  Looking back, I would rather have had the former.


Being online has its amazing communication perks!  Between email, chat message boxes to receive instant answers, text, face-to-face Face-Time calls, and Skype, talking with direct representatives of a company ensures that the end products are top-notch!  An example is Biktrix’s flagship e-bike, the Juggernaut lineup of mid-drive fatbikes.  There is the Juggernaut Classic,

the Juggernaut MX,

and the Juggernaut Ultra FS

We made significant modifications to add diversity to our fatbike line, based on the input, research data, and creativity, that came from reviewers, everyday riders, customers that were vocal about how our product could be made better.  These different bikes in the same Juggernaut fatbike line are a testament to the communication between supplier and consumer - a communication available by going online, learning about what needs must be met, and then, making the best e-bike possible.


About Robert Bryn Mann:

Robert Bryn Mann is a Customer Content Specialist at Biktrix. A professional writer, he is happy to be working with a company that shares his passion for greener transportation options. When he is not working with Biktrix, he is writing stand-up material and scripts for film and TV.

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