Protecting Your Ride: Tips on Keeping Your E-Bike Safe

Theft happens.  It’s terrible.  It’s illegal.  But people are still doing it.

It came to our attention that a customer had their Biktrix Juggernaut stolen.  While we are flattered that someone took a look at a Biktrix bike and thought, “Wow, that looks amazing! I want it,” everyone here at Biktrix is  strongly against stealing, and would rather have people come to us to take a look at our bike selections.  There are more than enough Biktrix bikes to go around, so we are upset to hear a valued customer was robbed of their investment.  We empathize, and we are sorry to hear that such a prized possession was wrongly taken. 

Now is the time to talk about tips for keeping your ride safe.

A beautiful Juggernaut HD Classic. So beautiful you should BUY one.  Legally.  Through us.  Leave our customers alone, please.


It’s a given that you have to lock up your e-bike wherever you go, and it will be up to you to choose where you want to lock up.  Some places may be riskier than others, but this is a matter of your discretion and comfort level; we can’t help you there.  However, we can help guide you on what to lock your e-bike WITH. 

U-locks may be easy to find, and cable locks with a combination padlock might be cheap, but we do not recommend those as your only lock sources for your e-bike.

Cable locks are bad, because the combination locks can easily be broken or cut, instead of the actual strong cable that holds it in place.  Then it’s just a matter of unwinding the cable, and voila!  A free bike.  Ladies and gentlemen, you can do better.  On top of easy access for bike-jackers, cable locks usually aren’t long enough to protect the detachable wheels, the frame, and the (sometimes) detachable seat of certain bikes and e-bikes AT THE SAME TIME.  There has been at least one occasion that I found my 16-speed bike, locked up tight, with a MISSING SEAT.  I have also walked past a bike or two, locked up, missing the front wheel, hoping that the rider was the one who decided to take the wheel with her/him, for some reason.

“Seriously, who takes a seat?!” (Photo Credit:

I have found success with U-locks protecting wheels, but not entire bikes, as bike-jackers can use similar tools to break U-locks.  And since every little trick in the book can be accessible to YouTube, bike-jackers can learn online from whatever device they have in their pockets with an internet connection.

We at Biktrix suggest a high-strength chain lock with a combination lock built in to it, as it is unified as one solid piece of tough lock, without weak points like small u-locks or weak combination locks you’d expect to see on a gym locker.  

This is also something that you should NOT go cheap on.  If you get something with significant monetary value, like an e-bike, we strongly suggest you get the best, highest quality protection you can get to protect your investment.  The higher the quality, the more the bike-jacker would just want to give up.



... wait, what?  That’s a thing?! (This is not a paid plug. We just legitimately like these people helping out cyclists). 

Why, yes, it is.  There is a Canadian company recommended by the Biktrix CEO and Founder himself, Roshan Thomas, called Oasis Pedal Power Insurance.  Through them, you can insure your e-bike, and properly protect yourself through a theft situation so you can get back to pedaling on a bike, quicker.

Here is the website link for more information. Take a look and see if this is right for you!


Some bikes can come equipped with personal GPS trackers, or even pet trackers, so you or your local authorities can try to find your e-bike when you file a police report.

Some GPS tracking devices to install on your bike are relatively cheap depending on what you get.  There, you can use your smartphone to download a free GPS app and turn your phone into a GPS tracker, synced to your device on your e-bike.  This will help you track where your e-bike is at all times.  Try to keep it concealed, or make it look like it’s part of the bike frame, battery, or motor, as bike-jackers won’t notice as easily that the bike is traceable. 


Technology is so cool! (Photo Credit:

Even little GPS trackers for your pets are cheaper, yet very efficient options for your e-bike.  Pet trackers can also be connected to separate apps on smartphones, etc., and be monitored wherever you, or your bike, goes.  All this can come in handy if you forget where you locked up your bike, or in a legitimate theft situation where you can use this information and the aid of the authorities to retrieve your bicycle.


Theft may be a very real possibility.  Whether it’s finding your car window smashed in at the parking lot with valuables missing, or a TV missing from your apartment, or your bicycle being stolen, it takes luck to not be on the receiving end of theft.  The scary thing is that techniques for thieves are evolving.  Luckily, so are ways to combat them. With chain locks, proper insurance, and GPS security, you can feel safe riding wherever you need to go, without anxiety ruining the pleasure of your ride.


About Robert Bryn Mann:

Robert Bryn Mann is a Customer Content Specialist at Biktrix. A professional writer, he is happy to be working with a company that shares his passion for greener transportation options. When he is not working with Biktrix, he is writing stand-up material and scripts for film and TV.

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