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June 18, 2018 2 min read

It all started with Roshan Thomas, co-owner, CEO, and Founder of Biktrix. An entrepreneur who grew up in Bangalore, India, he moved to Canada after selling his other successful businesses.  He soon found himself focusing on another one of his passions - greener sources of transportation.

So, he turned to bicycles, an looking toward ways of enhancing the ride, while still keeping the design environment-friendly.  He garnered attention and offers for his services as "that guy who does conversions:" using electric bike conversion kits on regular bicycles to make them electric. 

In 2014, Roshan launched a Kickstarter campaign for his own e-bike design when he realized there was currently no product filling a particularly empty market for electric fatbikes. He unveiled the first edition Biktrix Juggernaut, and the kickstarter turned into a huge local success story.  The obscenely successful kickstarter campaign turned into the first line of Juggernaut fatbikes, many major revisions, and the monumental success of the business. 

The OG: The Juggernaut Fatbike, launched on our 2014 Kickstarter Campaign.

Flash forward to now, and Biktrix is continuing to grow. With a highly successful online direct-to-consumer sale model, 10 different e-bike designs, and a team surrounding him, Roshan Thomas and Biktrix is primed to pedal forward to future success, selling to customers worldwide. The Biktrix online model has done business with customers from as far as Iceland, Finland, Europe, and Dubai. And at the 2018 NSBA Business Builder Awards, Roshan and his Biktrix team won the Young Promising Entrepreneur Award for excellence, growth, and innovation.

He is happily married, is a new father to a baby girl, and thanks his family for their never-ending support.

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(Featured Image by ThinkSask: https://thinksask.ca/news/putting-the-electric-pedal-to-the-metal)

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