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March 28, 2018 4 min read

Hello!  Welcome to another article module of E-Bikes 101: Electric Bike School! In our last module, we touched on some cool techniques, tips, and tricks to extend the life of your battery through maintenance and proper care.

In our fourth article module of Electric Bike School, we are going to go into some depth regarding the three major styles of e-bikes, and some of their positive qualities, to help you decide which kind of e-bike would best suit your lifestyle.


The key to buying an electric bike is knowing how exactly you wish to be using it.  Is it for rehabilitation, to take back your independence?  Is it for the casual commute to work within the city?  Is it for off-road adventures, and unforgiving trails?  Is it for tough jobs, or for fun?  Answering this question first, honestly, is the first and most important step in making a decision to find the e-bike that is right for you.

The reason why it is so important is because there are so many options available.  On top of many varieties and designs for electric bicycles, companies focusing on an online direct-to-company business model tend to open the choice for the customer even further by having bicycles customizable with extra amenities for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.  Whether they include high quality shock absorbers, a brighter light for night-riding, or something more intense, like a larger battery with more volts and charge capacity, there is always more versatility for each model through variety.

Let’s go through three main bicycle variants.


The Biktrix Kutty folding, hub-drive e-bike.

Folding bikes, like the Biktrix Kutty, are at the lower price range while still providing an intensely satisfying ride.  They are more affordable because they use a simpler motor system - the hub motor system.  A hub-bike’s motor is found either on the front or the rear wheel, unlike the motor found on the frame of mid-drive e-bikes.  With the motor on the wheel, frames of certain bikes can be folded into a compact unit that makes the bike easier to carry, transport, and store.  For affordability, storage, and a smooth commute, folding e-bikes like the Biktrix Kutty are fantastic.

Fully extended Biktrix Kutty.

*We touched on Hub-Drive Motors vs. Mid-Drive Motors in a previous E-Bikes 101 article module. Here’s the link if you want a refresher on the difference.*


Stunner Step-Over

The Biktrix Stunner Step-Over Cruiser e-bike.

Cruiser bikes, like the Biktrix Stunner, are the bridge between the nimble folding bikes and the high-end off-road fatbikes.  The perfect commuter bicycle, it is lighter while holding a battery and motor that promote power, making the cruisers sleeker, faster bicycles.  Cruisers can handle bumps and potholes, hilly terrain, terminate wind resistance, just like hub-motor folding bikes like the Kutty, but Stunners specifically come with a mid-drive motor - a motor that promotes a better sense of balance, (thus, better handling and performance), and an easier time with maintenance. If you want to ride around in the city as an everyday rider, with the occasional outing to the hillier terrain every once in a while for fun, Cruisers like the Stunner are the perfect match!


Juggernaut Classic

The Biktrix Juggernaut Classic Fatbike.

Fatbikes, like the Biktrix Juggernaut, are known for their large, wide, durable off-road tires meant to take on any obstacle in front of it.  The tires serve as extra suspension, providing a smoother ride.  These bikes are the ultimate off-road machines.  With high-end batteries, mid-drive motors, and their heavy-duty designs encouraging high durability and top-of-the-line parts, they are very much a high-end bicycle that wield the most value for your dollar if you are looking for a bike without restrictions.  For those who really do believe in the old “buy cheap, buy twice” saying, buying the highest quality bicycle can last you the longest and provide longevity for every dollar spent on you investment. If you like to ride trails away from the noise of the city in an electric mountain bike with more stability, or want a comfy yet powerful ride, fatbikes like the Juggernaut are essential.


Folding bikes are an industry standard for its affordability and their hub motor drives, and is a great buy for those who want to get fit, save space for storage, and save on funds. The higher quality bicycles, like the mid-level Stunner cruiser bikes, and the top of the line Juggernaut fatbikes, are going to increase their handling, balance, performance, and their ability to be maintained easier, but for a higher cost. Each bike is the best at what they want to do, so the choice falls to you, to see if the bike fits your lifestyle - or where you want your life to go next.

Thank you for reading this latest module on E-Bikes 101: Electric Bike School!  Another module will be out soon, regarding and addressing frequently-asked questions about e-bikes!

Feel free to contact us and ask away!

Class dismissed!


About Robert Bryn Mann:

Robert Bryn Mann is a Customer Content Specialist at Biktrix. A professional writer, he is happy to be working with a company that shares his passion for greener transportation options. When he is not working with Biktrix, he is writing stand-up material and scripts for film and TV.

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