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July 19, 2018 2 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Juggernaut MX Electric Fatbike.

We've covered the Biktrix Juggernaut Classic, and the Juggernaut Ultra FS, but we have not covered the most versatile and unique electric fat-bike Biktrix has to offer - the Juggernaut MX.

There are TWO versions of the MX - the Max version, and the Ultra version. Each have their own exciting qualities!

Juggernaut MX Max Version has a 350W (550W peak) motor, 36V - 14Ah/17Ah battery. It's integrated right into the frame!  It has no throttle, but it has an integrated torque sensor, as well as a PAS system - a unique combination! 

Torque, you say?!  Yup. These e-bikes hit 90-120Nm (newton-meters) worth of torque. They hit your top speed, FAST.  Here's the funny thing - that's just the Max version, with a motor/battery fit for road-legality. What about really going nuts!?

The Juggernaut MX Ultra has a 1000W (1500W peak) motor from a 48V11.6Ah battery, making this e-bike the most powerful e-bike on the market with an integrated torque assist sensor. The Ultra comes equipped with a left thumb throttle, marking a further improvement on the Max version.

The MX stands for MAX. I bet you could tell.

You still get the light weight, the powerful mid-drive motors, the thick fat-bike tires, the sleek design, the Juggernaut options like the Wren Inverted Fork Suspension, the Thudbuster Suspension seat, Tektro hydraulic brakes - everything to make your Juggernaut top-of-the-line in every facet - speed, efficiency, comfort.  A worthy addition to the prestigious Juggernaut line.

Click HERE to read further specifications for the Juggernaut MX.


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