The Joy Of E-Biking

Let's face it - there are a million reasons why bicycles exist. And there are even more reasons connecting us to our bikes and making us explore the world on two wheels.

Riding our bikes makes us feel young. It brings back the memories of our childhood, and lets us enjoy them while pedalling. From summer to winter, rainy to sunny days - it's a pure joy. But why is riding a bike so special?

Well, cycling makes you fit, healthy and strong. It makes you feel good and proud of your mental and physical confidence. But also, riding a bicycle lets you have fun., make friends and see the world from another perspective.

With the fast-paced development of technology, the cycling industry has been disrupted. Fortunately, for the better. We have been witnessing bicycles running on electricity, popularly known as e-bicycles. They make the entire experience of riding a bike even easier, more engaging and still reminiscing the back old days of pedalling around the corner.

Biktrix Juggernaut ebike in a beautiful Saskatchewan sunset

In a nutshell, the e-bikes are meant to make a difference in how we cycle. They are meant to be universally used, letting you travel from home to work, run errands and practically change your ways of transportation. Still, they are focused on exploring our inner youth, pedalling and exploring the world.

The world is your oyster with an ebike

Cycling is a great way to save money and engage in a better way of transportation. No fuel is the main principle of cycling - and with e-bicycles, this is changed with electricity. Transforming the often tiring experience of riding through the hills or just not feeling like pedalling anymore - e-bicycles bring us a new future, where we effortlessly explore the world on two wheels.

At last, getting to places more quickly and keeping the cars away are both great reasons why e-bicycles have made a revolution in the today's world. Parking with ease and being cool with it is another side benefit in the whole story, making us happier than ever to get to any location through the power of our pedals.

So, why ebikes?

Because the world has become a better place. And you have to be a part of it!

Ride on!





  • HOmesh CEtty

    E bikes are a happy way of riding bicycles they are eco friendly as there is no noise and no pollution yet powerful enough for commute to work and explore the country side at weekends enjoying nature at its best .

  • Lock

    At first? To re-educate myself about electric traction as batteries in boats. `Cause the diseasal engine exhaust from a small ferry boat made my daughters ill. And I figured there HAS to be a better way.

  • Andrew Jenkins

    Thanks to certain medical ailments including one that has prevented me from driving I need some way of getting around.

    What I have come up with is an electrical pedal assist modification for a Quest velomobile which is extremely practical for me and in which I am about to attempt to set a new world land speed record for an electrically assisted pedal cycle (increasing the current one by approximately 50% to 125 mph/ 200 kph) on Pendine Sands in South Wales.

    As if that were not enough it also has a range, when cycled at the legal maximum of 15.5 mph/ 25 kph of 500 miles per charge without pedaling.

    The Tangerine Dream Machine Man

  • Naomi SIm-Lim

    I ride ebike for many reasons.
    ° Reduce Carbon Footprint for environment
    °Baby boomer generation lack of agility and staminas electric motor makes up all the difference.
    °Independent and Ability to travel many places on ebike otherwise impossible on pedalling without power assist.
    °Enjoy the quiet rides without the noise from engine except wind noise.
    °Maintenance costs much more cost effective than motor vehicles.
    °Free Parking, No Licence required, No expensive insurance and registration required.
    °No worry about not starting motor for boosting.
    °Government green energy initiative encourage more clean alternative energy transportation.

    Ride On & Breathe Clean Air!

  • Sid ganguly

    Great article Roshan
    Keep up your passion
    Me and my son intend to paddle a lot this summer

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