Founder edition users love Juggernaut DUO. And so will you.

November 13, 2020

Thank you backers for supporting us in this exciting project. Juggernaut DUO reviews from founders' edition users are pouring in:

Question of the Day:

Q: I don’t see step-thru options on the perks. Are you still offering them?

A: All our 4 models of bikes would be available in step-over and step-thru frame styles. Since these options have no difference in price, we will be sending a survey after the campaign ends so that you can pick between a step-thru or a step-over frame style. Along with the frame styles, the survey will also include different options for frame sizes, frame colours, wheel sizes, and a few more options (free and paid).

Here is a photo of an HD Duo + torque sensor bike in the step-thru frame style:

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