Indiegogo Delivery Update

Hi all,

We are proud to provide an exciting update on the project! We are quickly approaching the milestone of fulfilling every backers’ order, here is the current breakdown of bike deliveries:

Ultra Duo (1000W mid-drive + torque sensor)

98% of backer orders shipped! We are awaiting the arrival of the remaining Ultra Duo variants and will fulfill them as soon as they arrive.

HD Duo (1000W mid-drive)

100% of backer orders shipped!

Classic Duo (750W  mid-drive)

84% of backer orders shipped! We have shipped all of the bikes that we have in-stock with the remaining bikes shipping as soon as we receive them.

We were expecting the remaining Classic Duos to leave our manufacturers this week; unfortunately, on top of the already constrained global shipping, the recent floods in Europe and China are yet another challenge facing the eBike industry. The remaining Classic Duos will be included in our next shipment, and we are working with our suppliers to get these shipped out promptly.

Our Classic Duo backers have been taking their bikes on some epic adventures!

Hub Duo (750W)

Specification surveys are currently being sent out and processed with bikes starting to ship in mid-August. We have bikes arriving this week and early-August with more on the way soon!

These bikes have been a long wait, but they are looking amazing. We can’t wait to see everyone riding their bikes!

With our campaign close to wrapping up, we want to give a huge thank you to our backers who supported the project. The eBike industry has experienced unprecedented growth along with shipping and supply issues that have been challenging to work through. However, delivering a great product and seeing our customers enjoy their bikes makes it all worth it. If you have questions about your specific order, please email and our Customer Experience Team will be happy to help.

Ride on,

Team Biktrix

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